1. 29.05.10 ICAME 31 (International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English Conference)
    "The corpus stylistic analysis of fiction – or the fiction of corpus stylistics?"
    Gießen, Germany
  2. 13.05.10 Text-mining in the Digital Humanities: The Interface between Conceptual History, Critical Discourse Analysis and Corpus Linguistics
    "Challenges at the interface of corpus linguistics and historical discourse analysis: the example of ‘popery’ in C17th pamphlet literature"
    Lancaster, UK
  3. 31.07.09 International Pala (Poetics and Linguistics Association Conference)
    "Corpus Stylistics and Textual Analysis"
    Middelburg, The Netherlands
  4. 15.06.07 CorDis Seminar on ”Using Corpora to Learn about Language and Discourse”, LUISS Guido Carli
    “Investigating lexical items and their local textual functions in newspaper story patterns”
    Rome, Italy
  5. 05.05.05 Two-day seminar on the state of the art of translation from a descriptive perspective “La Traduzione. Lo Stato Dell’Arte”
    “Texts, cultures and semantic prosodies: corpus linguistics and translation studies”
    Bari, Italy
Invited Talks
  1. 11.09 Universität Bern, details tbc
    Bern, Switzerland
  2. 27.07.09 Aston Summer School in Corpus Linguistics, Title tbc
    Birmingham, UK
  3. 05.09 University of Pavia, details tbc
    Pavia, Italy
  4. 11.05.09 University of Lancaster, title tbc
    Lancaster, UK
  5. 08.12.08 "Studying texts by Charles Dickens", One-day Workshop: "Using a Corpus in Literary Stylistics", Centre for Advanced Research in English (CARE) and Centre for Corpus Research (CCR), University of Birmingham
    Birmingham, UK
  6. 05.06.08 “A corpus linguistic approach to functions of lexical items in hard news stories”, University of Toulouse
    Toulouse, France
  7. 15.01.08 “Korpus und Text im Englischunterricht: Was Schüler über Texte und deren Strukturen lernen können”, Research Network ”Educational linguistics”, Universität Gießen
    Gießen, Germany
  8. 14.01.08 “Corpus stylistics: taking a corpus approach to the analysis of style in literary texts” Universität Gießen
    Gießen, Germany
  9. 03. – 06.07.07 Two lectures and workshops at summer course: “Corpus Linguistics: An Introductory Seminar & Workshop”, University of Salamanca
    Salamanca, Spain
  10. 25.07.06 “Corpus Stylistics: methodology, theory and patterns in literary texts” Pre-conference workshop on Corpus Approaches to the Language of Literature, founding event of ’Corpus Stylistics Special Interest Group of PALA’. Other invited speaker: Johnathan Culpeper
    Joensuu, Finland
  11. 18.05.06 “Corpus stylistics: methodology, theory and patterns in literary texts” Workshop on Corpus Approaches to the Language of Literature, hosted by Martin Wynne, AHDS Literature, Languages and Linguistics, Oxford Text Archive, and AHRC ICT Methods Network. Other invited speakers: Johnathan Culpeper and Bill Louw
    Oxford, UK
  12. 21.03.06 “Corpus stylistics: methodology, theory and Dickensian patterns” English Language Research Seminar, University of Birmingham
    Birmingham, UK
  13. 09.11.05 “Corpus stylistics: methodology, theory and Dickensian patterns” Pragmatics and Linguistics Research Group, University of Lancaster
    Lancaster, UK
  14. 06.05.05 “Corpus linguistics: computers and the study of languages” University of Bari
    Bari, Italy
  15. 21.07.04 “Corpora, context, and theory” LingLit Special Event: ”Systemic Functional Linguistics and Corpus Analysis”, Technische Universität Darmstadt
    Speakers: Ruqaiya Hasan, Christian Matthiessen (Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia), Elke Teich, Sabine Bartsch, Monica Holtz (Technische Universität Darmstadt), Stella Neumann, Michaela Mahlberg (Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken)
    Darmstadt, Germany
  16. 01.07.04 ”Corpora and Critical Discourse Analysis—wishful thinking?” Research Colloquium organised by Prof. Neal Norrick, Universität des Saarlandes
    Saarbrücken, Germany
  17. 26. – 29.05.03 Member of the teaching staff at the Tuscan Word Centre, course title: “How to use corpora in language work—multilingual focus”
    Pescia, Italy
  18. 30.01.03 “Burn your dictionaries—corpus linguistics and English language teaching” LEND (Lingua e nuova didattica) meeting of English teachers
    Bari, Italy